Analyze PRO 5.1 - Release Announcement

  • Posted on: 30 April 2014
  • By: Frode

We are happy to announce that the Analyze PRO 5.1 is available.


Analyze PRO 5.1

Product version:

Release date: 9 May 2014



UserStoryID  Component Comment
5212 Analysis

Personal startup parameters.

Every user can customize their own personal startup parameters on every dashboard.

This feature must be enabled by the system variable "allow_personal_startup" and can be enabled for all users, orgunits, groups or single users

5040 Desktop

New role: Desktop administrator.
On every desktop you can assign desktop administrators which will be able to design/edit dashboard on the assigned desktop.
You do not need system administration access any more for editing dashboards from a tab.

ATTN! They also need a Designer license.

5244 DataCentral

Support for Scripting Engine tags in column filters.

5195 Analysis

Grouped category axes in charts by using sub totals view.


5197 Analysis

Turn on/off series in legend of the charts and save as start-up parameters

5209 Analysis

Support setting y-axis min/max in combocharts by using range indicators

With this new setting you can coloring the wall of the chart.


5406 Login

Automatic login from SuperOffice to Analyze PRO.


A new SuperOffice Authorization is supported from this version.


Syntax used in URL:


5228 DataCentral

Support for using ACC-tag in calculcated column. Create a column which accumulat columns from another columns. You can also use formulas.




Single column accumulation of values:



Multiple column accumulation of values:


5267 Import It is now possible to update UDEF settings while installing new packages. This is important since data tables is overwritten by a new package installation.

Bug fixes

BugID Component Comment
1142 Analysis Reset column filter on drill-down by using "[ALL]"
5105 Import Usersync is case sensitive on user name
4875 Analysis Chart Chart scale supporting integer or decimal automatically based on formatting
4252 DataCentral New property for parameters; Remove duplicate entries to prevent use of DISTINCT
4918 Slideshow Slideshow with only 1 dashboard didn't start
4535 Desktop Information dialog show GUID instead of the package name
5002 Analysis Empty datatable prevent the dashboard from loading when using numeric display
5034 DataCentral DataCentral error because of mismatch in class client and serverside structure
5207 Desktop White page on first load of the Analyze PRO solution
5242 DataCentral Visualisation Parameter definitions is not visble above the table as indicated in dataelement dialog
5219 Login Cookie problem with some browsers which prevent you to log on. Turned off the server validation since some .Net version does not get this information correctly.
5238 DataCentral Visualisation Column filter set from edit column does not save or possible to remove
5254 Analysis Numeric display now support coloring using range indicators.
5318 UserSync Prevents adding invalid locale for user.
5106 UserSync Save user sync did not work from import ui
5231 Analysis Drilldown settings for static column filter on datetime columns now support setting datetimeformatting
5247 Analysis Paging tab on visualizations is now visible again
5300 Analysis Scrollbars in dashboards in Firefox is removed
5313 DataCentral Datacentral visuals columnfilter was not replaced when  selecting another element
5314 Analysis Category max text length did not work
  Analysis Empty dataelement made the dashboard hang in some scenarios
5336 Analysis Scrollbars in edit column dialog removed in Firefox
5364 Analysis

System\variables\system\locale_format_override did not affect the sum on the graph or legends, also the number format changes in the export function again.


Fixed. Referenced:

5367 Analysis

Edit column from table dialog removed the superheader from the column.

5368 Analysis

All text in parameter selection corrected for all languages.

5378 Desktop

Blank screen appears in Google Chrome for iframes. A fix is implemented to prevent it.

5394 Analysis

=solocale(); without match is removed from the output.

5343 Analysis

Support for column filter with IS NULL and IS NOT NULL and support for SE-parsing of the value field.

We also encourage you to read the 5.0 release notes for further information about the features in this version:



How to upgrade?

Run the windows setup installer to get a correct installation of the product.

It is only possible to upgrade with file patching while you upgrade from an 5.0  version.

Guidelines for upgrading:


The software is available from the download page.


System requirements




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