SuperOffice Analyze for Sales & Marketing 7.0/7.1 - release

  • Posted on: 26 May 2014
  • By: Frode


SuperOffice Analyze for Sales & Marketing 7.0/7.1 & My SuperOffice Dashboard

Product version:

SuperOffice Analyze:
27.05.2014 15:43

My SuperOffice dashboard:
26.05.2014 13:38

Release date:

27 May 2014

Platform supported: Analyze Runtime & Analyze PRO version 5.1 or newer
SuperOffice version supported:

SuperOffice CRM 7.0 / 7.1

- Sales & Marketing
- Customer Service




UserStoryID  Component Comment
5037 My dashboard

Whole new personal My SuperOffice Dashboard for SuperOffice CRM.

5036 Admin dashboard

New administration dashboard which show you the SuperOffice utilisations and deviations for the SuperOffice super user.

5043 Customer Service Customer service included in standard package.



BugID Component Comment
4926 Sales & Marketing Sales Person Desktop
Pipeline drill-down did not filter on company.
5323 Sales & Marketing What's up dashboard: Drill-down to person details levels was wrong.
5141 Sales & Marketing There was an inconsistency in the implementation of the "done" column in the dAppointment data table.
5489 eMarketing Parameter eM Mailing failed to include all nodes under certain circumstances.


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