Analyze PRO 5.1.1 - Release Announcement

  • Posted on: 13 June 2014
  • By: Frode

We are happy to announce that the Analyze PRO 5.1 1 is available.


Analyze PRO 5.1.1 - Service release 1

Product version:

Release date: 13 June 2014

Bug fixes

ID Component Description
5492 Analysis Editor Selecting and deselecting parameter values on actiontab sometimes hides deselected value
5459 Analysis Editor Delete dashboard procedure did not delete all dashboardstates
5434 Analysis Editor Fixed issue where visualizations got datetime name when original name contained numbers
5473 Analysis Export Dateformats locked in Excel exports
5529 Analysis Runtime Improved formatting of small percentage values on radial gauges
5501 Analysis Runtime Improved radial gauge scaling in general
5494 Analysis Runtime Actiontab parameters automatically got collapsed when parameter collapsed on parameter dialog
5474 Analysis Runtime Different timespan formats missing in charts (D - HH:MM:SS etc)
5467 Analysis Runtime Locale_format_override gives [Missing language string] error
5460 Analysis Runtime Improved feedback to the user when pivoted dataset returns no data
5452 Analysis Runtime Fixed exception occuring when all elements has a parameter disabled in runtime
5432 Analysis Runtime Fixed usersync issues when importing users form Excel datasource
5534 Analysis Runtime All columns that is used by an ACC function in a calculated column is now included in the datatable still the columns not are displayed.
5487 Analysis Runtime Chart uses raw data which was not populated by the system and always shown 0. Now it is using the correct ACC value.
5491 Analysis Runtime The dashboard is now refreshed when the browser window is resized.
5541 Database Tested on SQL Server 2014.
5447 Documents and manuals New setup instructions for Windows 2012 Server is available:
5532 Input module Support for installing of Input Module with logins starting with numbers
5444 System administration ID column is now show for grid, tab and desktop in the search table view.

For the users view we also show last login date and the 3 first more fields (usr1t, usr2t ,usr3t).

Primary and secondary groups change place in group dialog.

5462 User Sync Usersync now supports the same user imported in several rules
5415 User Sync Fixed usersync issues when importing orgunits form Excel datasource

How to upgrade?

Run the windows setup installer to get a correct installation of the product.

It is only possible to upgrade with file patching while you upgrade from an 5.0  version.

Guidelines for upgrading:


The software is available from the download page.


System requirements




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