Analyze PRO 5.2 - Release Announcement

  • Posted on: 23 December 2014
  • By: Frode

We are happy to announce that the Analyze PRO 5.2 is available.


Analyze PRO 5.2

Product version:

Release date: 23 December 2014


Packages release will follow in short time with support for this new platform version.




Bug fixes

ID Component Description
5970 Data Central Introduced support for long-running-datatable cache (custom timeout)
6041 Setup Added new link to directly start setup (without splashscreen)
6051 Analysis Runtime Autoscrolling on actiontab when list gets too long for screen height
5763 Analysis Runtime "Use rangeindicators" checkbox visible for all visualizations
5677 Setup Improved upgrade databasescripts (upgrade from 4.x to 5.2)
5984 SuperOffice UDEF Parameters turned off using the SuperOffice UDEF application will now also be removed in Analyze PRO DataCentral.
5988 Input Module Increased field length in all Input Module fields
5901 Analysis Runtime Fixed some issues with the data picker in Internet Explorer 11.
2719 Setup Improved file-access settings on localized server OS'es
5421 Analysis Editor Improved user guidance with navigator options set in dashboard editor and startup settings
5902 User Sync Added support to set user system administrator flag in usersync
5896 Analysis Runtime Strips away zeros (0) from chart datalabels.
5727 Analysis Runtime Improved tooltip performance in IE
3864 Analysis Runtime Improved datepicker that did not set active period on open
5702 Data Central Fixed unicode characters in DC DataTable treeview
5782 Analysis Runtime Improved rendring of EDP, stripping away NULL-series
5839 Analysis Editor Improved rendring of datatable dropdown - support for unicode names
5862 Licenses Fixed error running custom dashboards: missing license error
5644 Desktop Fixed localization of tabs on preferred desktop; danish
5725 Analysis Runtime Fixed an issue where some parameters could not be reached on the ActionTab.
5943 Analysis Runtime Fixed support for unicode characters in treeview navigators
5912 Analysis Editor Improved default dashboardstate selection in editor for dashboards with several dashboardstates
5914 Analysis Runtime Added next/previous 14 days as standard period definition.
4773 Analysis Editor Added support for rangeindicators with decimal threshold values


How to upgrade?

Run the windows setup installer to get a correct installation of the product.

It is only possible to upgrade with file patching while you upgrade from an 5.0  version.


Please read - ALL NEW - Guidelines for upgrading:


The software is available from the download page.


System requirements




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Best regards

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