Analyze PRO 5.3 - Release Announcement

  • Posted on: 30 April 2015
  • By: Frode

We are happy to announce that the Analyze PRO 5.3 is available.


Analyze PRO 5.3

Product version:

Release date: 30 April 2015


Packages release will follow in short time with support for this new platform version.



Key features of this release are:

  • Parallel execution of visualizations
  • Parallel filling of parameter cache
  • New caching mechanism
  • New logging features
  • Search in email dialogs
  • Minimum font downscaling threshold variable
  • Support for subselects in calculated columns
  • Extended age support on EXTAUTH login links

Read more at the feature overview site:


Bug fixes

ID Component Description
6597 Usersync Usersync now support granting access to users on desktops when desktopid is referenced in each row.
6171 DataCetral In some scenarios the usage of ACC tags for accumulating values in DC calculated columns caused database execution through temporary procedures unnecessary. 
6448 Dashboard Runtime SuperOffice Analyze: Parameter "Registered by group" were not able to reset due to a AnalyzePRO bug
6579 Dashboard Runtime Negative values in solid gauges did present some strange looking gauges in 5.2
6577 Dashboard Runtime Print in Internet Explorer, dashboard design mode, printed too much of the surrounding application graphics in 5.2
6640 Dashboard Runtime New min_fontscale system variable prevents textscaling to be too narrow in small windows
6757 Desktop Minor adjustment to the color of labels in the entire application. Now they are darker. Almost black.
6777 GuruTool $gt.grouping now support automatic sorting by grouped columns:
6780 Email Now we can search for registered users (name/email) from email dialog directly
6895 Data Sync Excel support in both realtime cache mode and shared scheduled mode.
More info on the requirements:
6886 Data Sync Improved Data Sync scheduling for Daily and Weekly schedules
6883 Package Install Autoinstall UDEF checkbox does not appear if SUA package to install is not the latest one
6874 SUA UDEF UDEF upgrades from 5.1 to 5.2 do not adopt new properties introduced in 5.2

+93 other issues

How to upgrade?

Run the windows setup installer to get a correct installation of the product.

It is only possible to upgrade with file patching while you upgrade from an 5.0  version.

Guidelines for upgrading:


The software is available from the download page.


System requirements

Please check the new requirements for the server:
- Microsoft .Net 4.5.1 minimum.




Best regards


Best regards

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