Analyze PRO 5.3.1 + SP2 - Release Announcement

  • Posted on: 6 November 2015
  • By: Frode

We are happy to announce that the Analyze PRO 5.3.1 is available.


Analyze PRO 5.3.1

Product version:

Release date: 06 November 2015

We have also released two servicepacks to 5.3.1. The latest one with these details:


Analyze PRO 5.3.1 SP2

Product version:

Release date: 29 April 2016


Key features of this release are:

  • Added a new layout to get the SuperOffice 8 look and feel
  • Improved chart axis rendering. You can now easily lock value axis using range indicators.
  • Improved chart stack options. Stack the bars the way you want!

Bug fixes

ID Component Description
7024 Data Central Error while using numeric datatype. Correct to float.
7032 Data Central NULL values as input in procedure in data central failed. 
7069 Data Central Error on using SUM on calculated columns.
7287 Analysis Dashboards Improved handling of columnfilters during drilldown and rollback
7568 Dashboard Export Send email to external email addresses are now supported
7572 Analysis Dashboards Improved handling of non-range based charts and multiaxis scenarios
7604 Dashboard Export Reomved "Powered by BA" in Excel export and merged top-cell parameterlist
7615 Data Central Fixed error while using sub-selected in a calculated column and SUM on the column.
7630 Data Central Query mode datatable failed in datacentral preview.
7631 Data Central Error while having space in the Excel file name in the OLEDB Provider.
7655 Analysis Dashboards Changed default value for "allow_personal_startup" to enabled (valid for new customers)
7687 Analysis Dashboards Chart stacking implementation rewritten to support more complex stacking scenarios
7737 Analysis Dashboards Drilldown on pivoted visuals with static columnfilter is now supported
7764 Analysis Dashboards Added scripts to support dynamic toolTips based on dashboard-data (used for stakeholders in SA)
  SP2 issues  
8427 8993 Analysis Dashboards Fixed bug when grouping on weeks and year-weeks regarding iso-week
Eg for 2016
8221 Administration Fixed security issue
8566 Usersync Fixed forcesync when running scheduled

+45 other issues

How to upgrade?

Run the windows setup installer to get a correct installation of the product.

We have tighten security on our Online Services site (licenses, packages etc) by enabling HTTPS traffic.
To support HTTPS between your Analyze PRO installation and Online Services some new settings need to be applied to the config file.
That is why you need to use the setup installer to upgrade to version 5.3.1

Guidelines for upgrading:


The software is available from the download page.


System requirements

Please check the new requirements for the server:
- Microsoft .Net 4.5.1 minimum.




Best regards


Best regards

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