Business Analyze 5.5 - Release Announcement

  • Posted on: 2 May 2016
  • By: Frode

We are happy to announce that the Business Analyze 5.5.0 is available.


Business Analyze 5.5.0

Product version:

Release date: 03 May 2016




Key features of this release are:

  • New workflow during password reset. Using activation mail to prevent user to login with default password.
  • Charting:
    Ability to lock y-axis scaling to a predefined interval
  • Technology:
    Upgraded to latest APIS (jquery, ui, tree,chart)
  • Filemanager: Support XML files.
  • Data Connector available in cloud
  • Branding change. New product name: Business Analyze (earlier Analyze PRO)
  • Reports & Scorecards replaced by Analysis Module
  • Data Central: Max/minimize treemenu to get more space available when working on datatable definitions.
  • Sticky parameters: Remembering settings on a parameter when you go to other dashboards during your session.

Bug fixes

ID Description
6929 Fixed drilldown issue after metarefresh
7032 NULL values as input in procedure in data central failed.
7069 Error on using SUM on calculated columns.
7287 Improved handling of columnfilters during drilldown and rollback
7568 Send email to external email addresses are now supported
7572 Improved handling of non-range based charts and multiaxis scenarios
7604 Reomved Powered by BA in Excel export and merged top-cell parameterlist
7631 Error while having space in the Excel file name in the OLEDB Provider.
7655 Changed default value for allow_personal_startup to enabled (valid for new customers)
7684 Changed default behavior to SSL for communication with Online Services
7024 Error while using numeric datatype. Correct to float.
7615 Fixed error while using sub-selected in a calculated column and SUM on the column.
7618 Improved range indicators on gauges and solid gauges
7630 Query mode datatable failed in datacentral preview.
7687 Chart stacking implementation rewritten to support more complex stacking scenarios
7693 Improved desktop rendering when server is missing internet access
7737 Drilldown on pivoted visuals with static columnfilter is now supported
7740 Changes to https against online service during upgrade.
7712 Main menu icons is updated
7742 The chart colors in SuperOffice Analyze 8 is updated
7759 Improved parameter cache performance
7761 Improved the SuperOffice Analyze 8 login screen
7764 Added scripts to support dynamic toolTips based on dashboard-data (used for stakeholders in SA)
8312 Improved query validation and handling when validation faults
8419 Procedure query didn't use the schema owner.
7767 The system administrator menu now has new and modern icons
7923 Improved desktop rendering error handling
8268 Made the ActionTab on the SuperOffce Analyze 8 dashboards more visible
7901 Fixed error that ocurred when duplicate+resize in editor
8263 Added title to numeric displays
8533 SE parsers error: SET DATEFIRST [Illegal/unknown systemvariable: firstday_of_week];
8551 Added unicode character support in chart axis
8550 Fixed bug where all users got too many licenses granted
8482 Added support for inactive elements in hierarchial parameters
8866 Column used in dbexpression for a calculated column that is sorted was not available in the query.
8542 Fixed an layout issue on the GAT Analyse login screen
8318 Fixed issue when adding group access to input module table
8430 Weeknumber was not based on ISO Week
8977 SA UDEF: Correct definition of parameter for DateTime in Customer Service
8990 Corrected to use iso week + iso year.
8445 Add more colors to the charting to prevent missing colors.
7914 The length of the group name field was too short for som customers. The new max length is 255 characters.
7988 Fixed bug when editing just created dashboard from tab admin interface
8082 Too many call to schema in a query when using =DVAL.
8272 Change in UDEF date-param. Set to I-mode (isodate).
8444 Change to no rows.
8450 Added new property AllowHTML to support HTML content in column in DataCentral
8458 Added search in hierarchial parameters and selected nodes listing above tree
8460 Fixed issue in Excel export if a date column does not have any dateTime formatting
8795 Added localized caption in grouping navigator
8807 Added support for localized column captions for Category Columns in chart dialog
8947 When designing new dashboards, under certain conditions, the add chart dialog failed, and it was not possible to add a new chart. 
8971 Set default an_parall=false. Change in existing solution are recommended.
9005 Fixed bug when exporting several elements with long matching names to excel
8399 Added systemvariable to control Sticky Parameter feature: toggles feature on/off
8407 Added support for search in hierarchial parameters
8409 Added support for custom icons on hierarchial parameter nodes
8410 Added support for addressing tab opening on desktop/default url
8411 Added desktop URL for setting a sticky parameter
7651 Fixed issue with datasources containing slashes in hostname
8508 Export to Excel rewrite; only excel export supports all rows
8567 Improved login performance
8273 Fixed issue with collapsed desktop for users missing system admin access


How to upgrade?

We only support upgrading by using the windows setup installer to get a correct installation of the product.

The software is available from the download page.


System requirements