Showing budget in a graph

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Showing budget in a graph

Hi again :o)

Unless this is too complicated i have a question about budgets in Business Analyze.
I want 1 graph to show what is sold (this one is easy), but i also want to show the budget that salesperson has done with a graph next to it.

If its too complicated is there any documention somewhere that might help me out?

Thanks! :)

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Turn on budget


I assume you have the SuperOffice Analyze dashboards.
There is a dataset/visualization that's called "Sold vs budget" you can drag on to your dashboard in the editor. You'll find it on the editor menu under the SuperOffice Sales and Marketing folder. This visualization contains columns for sold and budget (the regular sale dataset does not contain the budget column).

Group the dataset on person and you'll can see what that persons sold for and the persons budget.


Hope this was helpfull.





Thanks for the reply. This helped alot!

However there is one questions that im struggling with. How can you know witch "budget" is used in the datasource within an element? Beacause it doesnt look like its fetching the correct budget data.
Im currently using a "Standard" budget scheme thats called: My Commitment (Sales). And within this scheme is every user/salesperson setup with a budget for each month (total 12 month) Not sure if this is correct. I also assigned the usergroup access from the preference -> Budget/Input-module. Is there something im missing? :)


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This is how the standard

This is how the standard package is mapped.

Wow this is awesome! Now

Wow this is awesome! Now everything made more sence and i have now managed to get it to work correctly!
Thanks alot! Love working with BA! :o)

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