Adding userdefined fields (from SuperOffice UDEF)

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Adding userdefined fields (from SuperOffice UDEF)


I have created 2 new fields in SuperOffice (in SALE).

How can i active these fields in the datasource so that i can use them? I've tried to see if i can add a  new CalculatedColum and set it to the "UDEF-code" i see in the SuperOffice UDEF meny. But it doesnt look like it works . Any tips on how i can get these new fields? I want them to be displayed in the standard "saleticker" with either the standard dSales source, or the SaleNarrow source.

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Adding userdefined fields (from SuperOffice UDEF)

In the System Administration you should have module for activating UDEF fields.

System Administration -> SuperOffice -> SuperOffice UDEF

To enable them in the sales ticker you need to change the dashboard and add/change the new column that is added to dSale datatable.

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Adding UDEF-fields to the sale ticker dashboard

In order do display your UDEF fields in on the sale ticker dashboard, you have to do two things.

1) Add the column to the visualization (in the grouping dialog).
2) Then you'll have to edit the javascript code to enable the column in the visualizations. Each of the three visualizations have their own template.

- Right click on the dashboard and open the dashboard properties dialog. Go to the advanced tab.
- Here you find three textboxes. In the middle one you see some code. The templates are: singleRowTemplate (last sale), dataElementTemplate (5 last sales) and dataElementTemplateHor (ticker).
They are all set up similar to this:

var singleRowTemplate = " some HTML code to define the template... ";

In order to get the data from your UDEF column, you have to either change the refrence to one of the colums allready in the template above or add a refrence to a new column. The refrence to a column is [column name].
Find out what your UDEF column is named and add or replace the refrence. You'll have to do this in all the templates you wish to display your information.

Hope this helped.



This helped alot. Thanks for the help! :)

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