Changing how a check box user is displayed in a dashboard

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Changing how a check box user is displayed in a dashboard


We have a customer who has added a checkbox udef to a report.  But it displays as checked\unchecked.  They would rather it say either Yes or No.  Or try to get the tick\cross images using indicators.  But they and I can't see how to achieve either of these.

Is this possible?



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Yes, it possible to change

Yes, it possible to change value on the column.

Two possible paths:

1. Create a calculated column in datacentral which changes the value. This option need a new column to be created.

2. The other way is to add an expression on the column like this:

Change UDEF35845 with name of your column.

=eval(   if('[UDEF35845]'=='checked'){
            }   else {


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In the datasett you probably have a row that gives you "Checked" or "Unchecked" like this:
/*cs*/, case   when udss.long21 = 0 then 'Unchecked'  when udss.long21 = 1 then 'Checked' else 'Unknown'end  AS [UDEF40469]/*ce*/

If you make a new column, using just the raw data - here that is udss.long21
Then you can use rangeindicators in the dashboard to get a checked icon.

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