Drilldown inside another drilldown

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Drilldown inside another drilldown

Not too long ago we upgraded our SuperOffice CRM 7.5 to SuperOffice 8.
That ment we also needed to upgrade our Business Analyze. Currently we are running version:

Before the upgrade i felt that creating drilldowns was easy, and i could create as many drilldowns within the same "Element" as needed. I could create drilldowns within drilldowns.
Now, this doesnt seem to work the same (might be me doing something very wrong). I can create the first drilldown without any problems. But if i want more drilldowns, i just can't get this to work.

I've tried to look into the documenation Business Analyze has, but this isnt very helpful.
Can i get some assit with this? Or point me in a direction where i can find good documentation how this works?

I can give an Example of what i want to achive.
Lets say i have a Element that show 10 Salepersons and what they have earned this month.
When clicking on each of the saleperson graph, i want following drilldown to happen:

  1. Drilldown when clicking SalePerson = Shows ProductFamily as graph and amount earned.
  2. Drilldown when clicking ProductFamily = Shows ProductType as graph and amount of earned.
  3. Drilldown when clicking ProductType = shows Contactname, date sold, and amount earned.


Nobody got an answer for this

Nobody got an answer for this? :)


Thanks for asking this question on our forums!

The product version 5.5 has a bug with the drilldown.
Creating another drilldown after the first on the left side in "structure map"  will not work.

However it is possible to create as many drilldowns as you want in the "Start" menu by right clicking a column/graph etc. and edit the drilldown there.
NOTE: This will also bring you to "Structure Map" but on the right level with the right settings

This is fixed in product version 5.6.0
But you might want to wait for 5.6.1 wich is right around the corner ;)


Best Regards,
Business Analyze Support
Petter Aanekre

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