2. Configuring IIS

The BA DataConnector uses Microsoft WCF technology and depends on IIS and .Net Framework to operate. Therefore, it is necessary to configure IIS properly and have an updated version of .Net.

Verified version of .Net Framework can be found at

Please follow these steps precisely.

Application pool

Create a new application pool specifically for this application. This will allow you to configure it without affecting other web applications. Call it “DataConnector”, and use these settings:

Click OK, then right click and select Recycling. Set it to recycle daily like this:

Set a time that suits your hosting environment. 


Application pool creation is complete.


SSL Certificate

Install your certificate according to the suppliers procedure.

NB! If the certificate expires the Data Connector will no longer be able to communicate with the server, most providers will notify you when a certificate is expiring but it is also a good a idea to set up a notification to the customer or technical responsible aswell.


Web Site

If you already have a site that you wish to use that is fine. However, realize that the site needs to bind to an ip address, a port number and a SSL certificate. If you change any of these settings for the site all applications under it will be affected. If you have existing applications, it is probably better to create a new one.

Check the binding for the site if in doubt. Right click the site and select “Edit Bindings…”

The https protocol is required, but the port number is configurable. Choose one that suits your environment.

The red rectangles indicate you must find your own settings. The Blue rectangles must be set exactly as shown.



Create an application in the site above, and point the physical path to folder where you unzipped the file set.

The red rectangles indicate you must find your own settings. The Blue rectangles must be set exactly as shown.


Local firewall

IIS must receive the request coming from the Business Analyze Cloud environment. That probably involves some tinkering with the local firewall. Add a rule that allows and forwards requests from us on your external ip address and port number to the local server where IIS is hosting the DataConnector. You must find an URL that we can use to reach the DataConnector. We will need this information and can perform ping operation until the rule is working.  It will look like this:

Make sure that the software built-in firewall in windows is configured to allow this traffic aswell as any other firewalls you may have. Make sure any proxy cache or other network components are configured correctly.

https://<ip address>/DataConnector/AgentService.svc