Business Analyze 5.6.1 Release

  • Posted on: 18 January 2017
  • By: Frode

Build version:

Target: Online Environment & On-premise


Improved speed of the whole solution

During this version we have worked hard to get the solution to run faster than ever. 

Some test show that performance could increase 100% (or 50% reduction of waiting time for dashboard loading).

We have also implemented a performance button in the dashboard that states the query time for each of the elements in the dashboard.

This could be useful for getting better speed on your dashboard queries.


Business Analyze for SuperOffice updates

  • Notice! Selection and stakeholders removed from standard dataset because slow performance. 
  • Activity done enable for dAppointmentBudget
  • Other bug issues see the complete list below.

Total list of issues

ID Type Description
9966 Bug Drill issued with period (calendar) fixed.
9971 Bug Usersync deactivated users
9889 Bug SQL for UDLIST i UDEF change
9916 Bug UDEF-support new fields for quote and products
9927 Bug Datasync: Caching issues
9926 Bug Invalid setting in System variables
9929 Bug Increased performance in the whole application
9912 Bug Better drill-down parameter transforms
9996 Bug

Send e-mail to group made the dashboard refresh before mail were sent

9980 Bug Fixed issues with dval
9998 Bug New logging options
9893 Bug 'CUSTOM' is not a recognized built-in function name
9936 Bug Cache generated float-columns insted of int
9990 Bug

Datatablepreview on datatble without name:

Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection

10015 Bug Sticky (remember) parameter settings for All failed
9941 UserStory Show querymode in datacentral
9948 UserStory Diagnose button in action tab of the dashboards
9979 UserStory New periode this and last week added
9945 Bug Selection, & stakeholders remove from SuperOffice Analyze
9790 Bug My dashboard drill fixes
9967 Bug SUA: Quote drill fixes
9786 Bug Error in My SuperOffice Dashboard, wrong icons
9875 Bug Top management - Whats up - drill errors
9991 Bug SUA: Change parameters for what's up
9995 Bug SUA: em-sendings show only 1 level
9983 Bug Timeout onTop Management: Sales vs budget
9992 Bug Support all UDEF option for SO CRM 8
9835 Bug Done parameter added to appointment budget
9994 Bug Marketing dashbord updated and datatabel deMarketing is changed.
10001 Bug Make SA-71 package compatible with latest BA56 UDEF module
9877 UserStory Parameter activity done added to dAppointmenvsBudget


How to upgrade?

Upgrading from 5.6.0 to 5.61 is supported by file patching.

For earlier versions we only support upgrading by using the windows setup installer to get a correct installation of the product.

The software is available from the download page.


System requirements