Install guide SuperOffice with Data Connector


This guide describes the procedure for installation of Business Analyze cloud solution using data connector to connect to a SuperOffice CRM Onsite solution version 7.5+.


Data Connector preparation


Install the Data Connector at the customer site by using the Data Connector installation guide.

Download Data Connector here:

Installation guide:

Add My dashboard + SuperOffice Analyze license to the user.
Log out and in again to refresh the new license for the user.

Manage Licenses:


Download SuperOffice Analyze + My SuperOffice dashboard.

Have your information regarding the data connector settings available.The the data connection you define here should be deleted once you have verified that everything is working. The login you use in the web.config file (in the DataConnector) needs to have schema owner or similar privileges during the installation of the SuperOffice Analyze package.
Once the installation is completed, you may change this to a login with less privileges for normal runtime operation (db_datareader).
PS! It is important if you change to a user with less privileges that this user is defined as "User name" while installing the SuperOffice packages in Business Analyze

You can now start the installation of the SuperOffice Analyze package.
System --> Import --> Packages --> Install

User name: db_datareader user that will be granted needed rights from db_owner spesified in the web.config file.

URL: Address to the on-site dataconnector

Security Token: Same token as registered in the data connector service at the customer.

DataSources: Select “superoffice datasource”.

Dbowner: Schema owner of the SuperOffice Database.


After a successful installation install the My dashboard package.


Follow the guidelines for “First time configuration”:


To import users follow the guidelines for user sync:

Automatic User Sync in the online-environment is not present at this time.
You must initiate it manually and every time you want user update in the system for a source system.

Notice that in the Online environment you must ensure following settings:

Username: This should be your e-mail address.

Sync based on “associate_id” (Usr1t) to ensure no duplicate users.

To manually sync users you must click this element after user sync is configured properly:

Now you can invite the users into the solution.