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Remove start of a field


in one of my reports in BA I use the field "Stage" from SuperOffice - Stage here has a fixed percentage/probability for each stage which is also shown in the text:

I need to get rid of the probability and have tried different expressions to cut off the first 5 characters of the Stage field but till now I have not found a solution (Do I have to use the eval procedure together with a javascript expression and use § in front of the ";"?).

Anybody who can hint what to enter to cut off the first characers of a string like Stage?

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SQL statements


If you want to truncate string/varchar data from a column in data table you can modify the Sql-statement in the Data table in DataCentral. You need a Developer lisence for that..
You cannot execute Sql-statements elsewhere. All Sql-statements must exist as data table definitions.


select top 10
    firstname as [Complete]
    ,case when len(firstname) > 5 then right(firstname, len(firstname) - 5) end as [All but the 5 first]
    len(firstname) > 10


You can however get data from data tables using =dval() expressions.
Always test your expressions in the Scripting engine expressions tester first.

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