Guide to Business Analyze - Mobile app (Beta)

Exciting news for our cloud customers!

You can now get your hands on the beta version of Business Analyze mobile app - the app that keeps you updated 'on-the-go'.

Grab your phone!

What you can expect

We have created a totally new mobile friendly design so you can access reports and have control on-the-go, from the convenience of your phone. 

This app is not meant to replace the desktop version of our cloud-based business analytics service, but to complement it by giving you more ways to take advantage of your data.


  • easier to see progress and stay updated as it happens from Android or iPhone
  • ability to fact-check the latest figures on mobile before or during sales or management meetings
  • friendly, fun way to motivate and coach by adding, replying and sharing comments (e.g send congradulations when someone closes a new deal or hits their target)

Like all software, there are some exciting features we currently support, some that are planned, and some that are removed or not planned at this stage.

Exclusive new features for the mobile app

  • Comments - comment on any visualisation, and share comments with individuals or groups.
  • Notifications - tells people when there is a comment so they can add their comment to the thread. Can be used to follow up a sales or event, clarify information, encourage action, recognize someone's achievements etc.
  • Profile page - every user can now add their own profile picture to contribute to the sosial aspect. The user can also change the preferred language for both the app and the desktop application.




    Install the app

    The app is available for Android and iOS. Just visit Google Play or AppStore and download the "Business Analyze" app.

    Note: Some of your desktop dashboards may not fit properly to a mobile format. Let us know, so that we can help you with design changes (


    Shortcuts to the user guide:


    We'd love to hear from you

    The more comments and feedback you send, the better the app will be. We are continuously making improvements as we move from beta to full release. 

    For example:

    • What do you like/dislike about the app?
    • Where did you experience technical errors/bugs?
    • Where did you get stuck or find the app confusing?

    3 ways to get in touch


    We look forward to hearing from you!