Install guide for new dashboards with on-premise SuperOffice

Your SuperOffice package need to be updated to include changes made in this version.

Important! If your SuperOffice version is 8.2 you need to contact us before installing the update.

To update this package you have to install it with an SQL user with db_owner role of the SuperOffice database or run this script directly on your SuperOffice database as and SQL user with  db_owner role.
The user configured to run your Business Analyze typical is typically a db_datareader only user, elevate these permissions before updating this package. You can downgrade the permissions by removing the db_owner role after the installation is complete.

You can check wich SQL user is used for your installation in the web.config of the Data Connector.

Once the SuperOffice Analyze Package is updated to latest version you can download the Self Service Analytics and CRM Dataoptimization for SuperOffice.
Click Download, once downloaded the text will change to install. go ahead and install the new dashboards.

Once these are installed you can follow guidelines here to grant access to these dashboards