Business Analyze (cloud) - March Release Notes

  • Posted on: 21 March 2018
  • By: Frode


We’re very happy you are interested in our latest product release.
Read about the new features and fixes in the latest blog post.

See below for detailed release notes.
PS: If your web panels in SuperOffice stopped working after this release please read this

Thanks to everyone for their support and feedback! 

Build version: (Updated: 21.03.2017)
Target: Cloud Environment
List of features and bug fixes

Area ID Entity Type Name
BA 5.7 Cloud 10829 Feature Upload common documents in the Help-icon menu
BA 5.7 Cloud 10573 Feature New welcome page in Business Analyze
BA 5.7 Cloud 10583 Feature Save element in editor to DataCentral for easy reuse in other dashboards
BA 5.7 Cloud 10570 Feature New identity system for Business Analyze Cloud based on Identity Server 4
BA 5.7 Cloud 10244 Feature Better loading screen to better visuals information during package installation
BA 5.7 Cloud 10468 Feature Global picture and script area for use in packages
BA 5.7 Cloud 10578 Feature Change z-Index on actiontab to prevent it display behind other elements
BA 5.7 Cloud 10722 Feature New help links in help menu
BA 5.7 Cloud 10950 Feature Increased timeout for data connector to support larger queries
BA 5.7 Cloud 10993 Feature Support for new oAuth Authentication against SuperOffice Cloud
BA 5.7 Cloud 11051 Feature Cloud icon removed from solution
BA 5.7 Cloud 10771 Bug Keep licences on active user while running usersync to prevent dropping active user out of the solution.
BA 5.7 Cloud 10420 Bug Improved navigator dialog in editor (scrollbars)
BA 5.7 Cloud 10556 Bug Drill down on text columns with apostrophe fail during drill-down 
BA 5.7 Cloud 10547 Bug Occasionally issued with export caused by invalid session fixed.
BA 5.7 Cloud 10543 Bug Fixed issue with not allowing to save own created parameters.
BA 5.7 Cloud 9805 Bug Fixed datasource dialog for OLEDB providers
BA 5.7 Cloud 10582 Bug BREAKING CHANGE: User administration. Disabled possibility to change username do to security consideration. You need to create new users and delete old one if they change username.
BA 5.7 Cloud 10659 Bug Fixed System.Out.Ofmemory exception during export to Excel
BA 5.7 Cloud 10686 Bug Added new timeout  setting on the dataconnector service
BA 5.7 Cloud 10951 Bug Fixed issue with getOrgID() during usersync to improve speed
BA 5.7 Cloud 10922 Bug Fixed issue with using background image in editor for layout Fancy + Dark.
BA 5.7 Cloud 10953 Bug Fixed issue with DVAL not been calculated correct when used as startup in a parameter
BA 5.7 Cloud 11030 Bug Loading dialogues can cause errors - get loading before all is done
BA 5.7 Cloud 10992 Bug Swedish translation for "pajdiagram" changed to "cirkeldiagram"
BA 5.7 Cloud 11179 Bug Fixed issue with removing people from secondary groups
BA 5.7 Cloud 11054 Bug New dataconnector client for better performance
BA Operations Cloud 10213 Feature New Cloud Data Sync server for better performance and logging
BA Operations Cloud 10892 Feature Improved SuperOffice dbmirroring for SuperOffice Cloud customers
BA Operations Cloud 11042 Feature New storage usage dashboard in system administration
SuperOffice Analyze 11277 Feature New Self Service Analytics and CRM Data optimalisation packages for SuperOffic Customers
SuperOffice Analyze 10847 Bug Datatable pascgrp fixed support for deleted elements text
SuperOffice Analyze 10966 Bug Support for the new UDEF fields model in SuperOffice CRM Cloud 8.2
SuperOffice Analyze 10849 Bug Hiearchic parameters  set to realtime to get better performance
SuperOffice Analyze 10571 Bug Usersync of SuperOffice on-premise with SQL Server 2008 improved
SuperOffice Analyze 10880 Bug Missing language in sales data parameter