Export dashboards from on-premise to online.

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Export dashboards from on-premise to online.

When exporting dashboards from on-premise to online you need to allow that dashboard export for a later version of Business Analyze.
(This also applies if you are trying to export from an older version to a new version on a new server for example)
Online enviroment is currently running on a newer version than availible for on-premise.
Some dashboards might not make it trough the export from an earlier version and will need to be recreated.

If you did not create a package to export read this first:

Here is how you allow the package for other versions:

Once you have chosen to export the package you will be promted with this window:

Click f12 to bring up devtools for your browser and choose "Select an image in the page to inspect it"

Click this dropdown:

Remove display: none as shown below

You can now choose the supported platform 

NB! please check the current version of the online enviroment.
as of 16. september 2020 the version is 5.8)