First time login

Once you browse to you new Business Analyze installation the system is set up using the ordinary username/password authentication (Forms authentication) and you will be prompted for your username and password.

A fresh install of Business Analyze has one predefined user:

  • baadmin                Predefined system administrator

The password is: bauser. 
The first time you log on with this user, you get promted to change the password and select your preferred language.

NOTE! All newly created users (and reset users) in Business Analyze get a random generated password and must click the "Reset password" in order to create their own password.

If you uploaded licenses during the windows setup in the second last dialog you will now be redirected to the Business Analyze default desktop.
If not, you will be redirected to an initialization page where you are presented with three options:

  1. Input a Customer Identification Token (CIT)
    If you have a valid CIT we recommend using this option.
    By copying your CIT into the input-field and clicking "Request licenses" the application will contact Business Analyze Online Services and fetch and install all your licenses in a single step. Once the licenses are installed you will automatically be logged out after a timeout or you can choose to explicidly log out using the log out link.
    Once you log back in your Analyze PRO platform is ready for use.

    A CIT can be:
    For SuperOffice Analyze customers the CIT is the SuperOffice Serial Number
    For other customers the CIT is a string or a Globally Unique Identifier you can get by contacting Business Analyze Support

  2. Upload a framework license file
    If you have got a valid framework license file, you can upload this file in this section.

    If your webserver does not have access to the internet (communication with BA Online Services requires internet access on the server) you can upload all your license files in this interface but it is only the Framework license that is required to be installed to get access to the Business Analyze platform.
    License files can also be uploaded from the System Administation Import interfrace once you have a valid framework license.

  3. Request licenses
    If you have not got a valid CIT or framework license, you can request licenses through the channels presented in this section

Once you have got a valid Framework license you can proceed to log in to your Business Analyze platform.