Conceptualtable UDEF fields

Because of changes in the SuperOffice database in 8.2 or newer we need to manually create a table for UDEF fields with this program.

If you configure this task as suggested below it may take up to one hour from when you created new UDEF fields until they are availible in Business Analyze.

Download the program here.
Extract the contents to a folder on your web server.

You need to set up the connectionstring in the Udef.exe.config with correct information for your server (SuperOffice Database).
Replace values in bold below with correct values for your enviroment.

<add key="TableSchema" value="crm7" />
This is the schema owner and not a dbowner for the database.

<add name="OnPremise" connectionString="Data Source=MyServer\MyInstance; Initial Catalog=MyDatabase; User Id=MyUser; Password=MyPassword;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

Then configure your Task Scheduler to run this program once each hour.
Create Basic Task

The task needs to run frequently so that when creating new UDEF fields in SuperOffice they are availible in Business Analyze as fast as possible.

Browse to locate the Udef.exe file
Add the Argument UDEFONLY-CREATE

Make sure the program runs wheter user is logged on or not.

Once the task is created, right click the task and click run. It should show an completed status like this: