Office365 SMTP settings

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Office365 SMTP settings


A customer of ours have migrated their Exchange to Office365. 
I found the section in the web.config and edited it like this: 

                <network host="" userName="username" password="password" port="587" />
(actual username and password are edited out). 

The application states the email has been sendt, but i dont receive any email. 
Is there some debug-log somewhere that can tell me what the response from the application/exchange actually is? 
I have set up SuperOffice Service on the same server and the same settings work fine there. 

Any ideas how to find the root of the issue? 




You can check the logs in the System Administration menu:

If the email was sent you will see a log message like this:

If the email was sent and you did not recieve it please check your spam filter and/or your junk email.

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