Setting up Budgets

There are two budgets incuded in the package. If you want to create your own, you will need to upgrade to the PRO version.

SuperOffice sales budget pr. associate
The data is organized as currency pr. month pr. associate.

SuperOffice activity budget pr. associate
The data is organized as nr. of activities pr. month pr. associate.

1) Verify that the budgets are in working order.
Go to Top manager desktop and see that the gauge Activities vs Goal and  Sold vs budget works.

2) Set the system variable currency_budget. All budgets will be in this currency.

3) Assign managers according to the Adminstration guide page 28 - 34.

4) Make sure to set the startup parameter for the visualizations to only include the activity types that are part of the budget.

  • Top manager desktop -> Overview -> Appointment vs Goal
  • Sales manager desktop > Overview-> Appointment vs Goal
  • Sales persons desktop -> Overview -> Appointment vs Goal

After selecting the appointment types that should be included, click Save as startup. Look for the regions that are highlighted in yellow.

5) System variables gives added flexibility
The system varible "im_budget_associate" points to the budget sheet used for the sales budget. The package is shipped with this variable pointing to a predefined sheet, but this may be changed if you so desire.
To make make adjustments go to System Administration -> System -> Variables.
Then go to SO Edition -> im_budget_associate. Click the pencil icon to open the dialog to make changes.
The same goes for the activity budget as well. It's variable is called "im_budget_associate_activity". See the screen dump below.