Internet Explorer Document Modes

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Internet Explorer Document Modes

NOTE! This post applies to AnalyzePRO 4 and not the latest releases!! APRO 5 and forward uses IE 9/10/11/12 standars mode of course:)

NOTE! This post is regarding IE9 only. IE8 or any other browser works out of the box on this issue

A webpage is often written/developed according to the HTML Standard of the time.

These standards have been quite static for some years until lately when the all new and shiny HTML5 standard arrived.
During the same time the browser wars have made the web platform a richer user experience.

As a response to the above facts the Internet Explorer team has really made som effort to dig themselves out of the trouble when it comes to web standards in the previous releases. The Internet Explorer 9 promised to reach for web standards and not just backwards compability.

After the release there is no doubt that the IE9 has far better support for the current web standards but they have one (amongst others) issue that are creating headaches for the BA Development team:
They do not support backwards compatibility (older standards) in pages included in OBJECT og IFRAME elements if the main document is rendered in Standards mode.

The Business Analyze 4 application is developed according to the current standard (HTML5) but we have some old pages that were developed back in the days when almost any page were rendered in Quirks Mode in Internet Explorer (IE 5-6).

A page developed for ex. IE 6 will render nicely in IE 9 Quirks Mode, but not when the main document uses standards mode.
This feature worked successfully in IE7 and 8 but could not be implemented in IE9 because, as they say, the IE9 rendering engine cannot render different document types

Since a IE9 Standards document cannot render a quirks document inside a OBJECT or IFRAME element we had to implement a new system variable named "IE_DOCUMENT_MODE" to control which rendering engine the IE browser should use to render the Business Analyze application.

The new SystemVariable is found in System Administration -> System -> Variables in the category System.

The default setting is:
Emulate IE8 mode with Chrome Frame

This means that bot IE 8 and 9 will render pages with valid document modes (DOCTYPE) in IE 8 Standards Mode
Pages without a valid DOCTYPE will be rendered in Quirks Mode


Chrome Frame

Chrome Frame is a Google Chrome plugin for Internet Explorer which uses the Google Chrome browser rendering engine instead of the built in Internet Explorer rendering engine if Google Chrome Frame is installed on the local machine. If you do not want clients to have this option, select the setting without Chrome Frame enabled.


Business Analyze recommends

If you use one of the following features you should use the default setting:

  • Multigrid tabs (BA 3.5 style tabs with multiple grids)
  • Administrates multigrids
  • Administrates Scorecards
  • If you do not use the above pages you can change this system variable to use:
  • Latest IE Standards mode (edge)

In future releases we will rewrite or replace the pages that do not support Edge Standards mode to prevent the use of this system variable.


Available Document Modes

Business Analyze 4.01 is shipped with the following options for the variable ie_document_mode:

  • Latest IE Standards mode (edge)
  • Latest IE Standards mode (edge) with Chrome Frame
  • Emulate IE 9 mode
  • Emulate IE 9 mode with Chrome Frame
  • Emulate IE 8 mode
  • Emulate IE 8 mode with Chrome Frame
  • Emulate IE 7 mode
  • Emulate IE 7 mode with Chrome Frame