Error during package installation

Error during package installation

If you are certain that the properties have been filled in correctly in the package installation dialog, and you still get an error, you may want to set up a SQL trace on the SuperOffice database.

1) Start up the SQL Server Profiler utility.

2) Start a new trace by clicking on the new trace button or go to File -> New trace.



3) Connect to the SuperOffice database using a login that has Sysadmin privileges. F. ex. the SA user.



4) Set the trace properties.

It's usually a good idea to filter on the SuperOffice database only. That way you won't see all the SQL statemetns that are being executed on other databases on the server.



5) Check the Show all columns checkbox.



6) Click the column filters button, select Database name and provide the name of the superOffice database.


7) Click the Run button.

8) Start the SuperOffice analyze package installation again.

9) Press the red stop button when the installation has stopped with the error.

Analysing the trace file it should be possible to find the exact statement that failed and determine the cause.

PS! This trace file may be very usefull if support is required. It may be a good idea to ZIP it if sending it by email.