Adding users manually

Users may be created manually. This is only recommended if the number of users you intend to create is very low (less that 5).
Using the User Synchronization is the preferred way of creating users.

First you have to obtain their External System References. (associate_id, usergroup_id and person_id)
In the Desktop - "SuperOffice Analyze System" you will find a Dashboard called "User sync. data" with these ID's.
If this Desktop is not present you have to give your self access to it in System Administration - Desktop
Press the search button and find the SuperOffice Analyze System Desktop. Add your user as a User with access.


Go to System Administration -> Organisation -> Users

If you are running on-premise version of BA the picture will look like this:

It is important to add correct reference settings for all users. Otherwise all desktops will fail.
This is used to map the Analyze users against SuperOffice user.