Data Sync Service

Click here for installation guidelines for Data Sync Service 4.x/5.1.x

Click here for installation guidelines for Data Sync Service 5.2/5.3

Data Sync Service 5.5 - Installation guide

The data Analyze PRO Data Sync services is used with:

  • Data Table Cache in Data Central
  • User Synchronization 

So you should install the Data Sync Service if you want to automatically syncronize users and cache datatables against the data sources defined.




Analyze PRO (Business Analyze Dashboard and Analysis) application must have been installed first and on the same server the Data Sync Service will run on. 

Launch Setup.hta


Click “Analyze PRO Data Sync” to start installing the application.


⇒ Press “Next”.



We recommend to use the default path as described else change it to your needs.

⇒ Press “Next”.


⇒ Press “Next”.


⇒ Press “Next”.


⇒ Press “Close”.



Start the BusinessAnalyze Data Sync Config from the system start menu.


To ensure correct read/write settings to the configuration file you should right click and select "Run as Administrator".


If not available the start the application "BusinessAnalyze.Data.Sync.Exe":



Click on the green button Analyze PRO Path(click to select). 


Select the web.config from the Analyze PRO Installation folder.

Example: c:\Program Files (x86)\Business Analyze\vdir



Note! The application will try to find the Analyze PRO platform installation. If it isn't available you should install it before you continue.

Datamart collation and the db-settings is read from the Analyze platform web.config. If you need to change them change the web.config first.

SyncTimeOut: Defines when the syncronisation stops if isn't working. Default setting is 3600 seconds (1 hour).

When the settings are correct ⇒ Press "Verify and save".

The dialog above should appear and you are ready to start the service:


If you have any problem with saving the file please verify the file access on the file:

Example path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Analyze\Analyze PRO Data Sync\


Right click file and give everyony "write access" to the file. Try again.




Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Administrativ Tools -> Services

Right click on the Business Analyze Data Sync Service and start the service.


Then you should utilise data tabel cache and user sync automatically!


Multiple installation of Data Sync

If you have multiple installation of Business Analyze in one server you probably need to have multiple data sync services to.

After you have followed the guidelines above you should do the following:

1. Create a new folder for another Data Sync


2. Copy files from the installation above to this new folder.

3.  Start up the command prompt (CMD) with administrator rights.

4. Type in the following:

sc create BADataSync1 binpath="C:\MyNewService\BusinessAnalyze.Data.Sync.exe"


sc create [NAME OF SERVICE] binpath="[PATH TO SERVICE FILE]"

5. Run the BusinessAnalyze.Data.Sync.Config.exe to set correct values (se guidelines above).

6. Start several services from the Services panel.