Install package

Desktop and dashboards in the SuperOffice Analyze package is distribued as packages. Thoose packages need to be imported after the windows installer is finished.

For installation of the SuperOffice Analyze package goto System Administration -> System -> Import.

Before you install the package we recommend that you import the relevant licences:

1. Licence import

To use the package you will need the following components for each user:

  • Business Analyze Framework
  • Analysis User (Runtime)
  • SuperOffice Analyze (package users)

The users that will adminster the budgets will also need Input Module.


2. Download package

Click on the tab "Packages" and click on "Download" of the SuperOffice Analyze package:


3. Install package

After the package is download you may install it. Click on " Install".

PS! It is important that you already have a valid SQL-login, in English, as explained on previous page. Use this login name in "Username" and the corresponding password in "Password" for both DataCentral and OLEDB.

The form will look like this. In this screenshot we have used fake input values that we hope you find helpfull.


Be carefull to get all the properties right.

However, if something fails, you will receive an error message, and you may click the Install link again to retry.