SuperOffice Analyze overview


SuperOffice Analyze is an overarching dashboard for reports and analyzes from the SuperOffice CRM-system. The dashboards are transparent and role based to ensure focus on the right metrics with the ability to react to changing business needs.


Getting started

Complete these simple steps to get started:

  1. Register the new customer in SuperLicense
    Once the customer is registered in SuperLicense the customer has valid trial licenses for SuperOffice Analyze instantly!
    These trial licenses are currently valid for 60 days from registration in SuperLicense and becomes permanent once we receive the order form (step 3 below)
  2. Install and configure SuperOffice Analyze

     Download the software - You need to be a registered user in the community to download

     Plattform installation guide - How to install and configure the plattform needed to run dashboards.
        On first login the admin will be presented with a interface where he can input the SuperOffice serial number which is the key to import all SuperOffice Analyze licenses into your new installation

     Content Package installation guide. - How to install and configure desktops and dashboards.

  3. Post the order form with customer details
    Once we receive the customer order form we will change the trial licenses to permanent ones
  4. Update to permanent licenses
    When the the licenses are changed from trial to permanent the admin has to login to the SuperOffice Analyze application and update the licenses in System Administration -> System -> Import interface
    If the the licenses are already registered as permanent before importing them during installation this step is not necessary.

Expanding / changing licenses

To upgrade from SuperOffice Analyze to SuperOffice Analyze Professional or change existing licenses, complete these steps:

  1. Register the change in SuperLicense
    The changes are immediately available inside your SuperOffice Analyze import interface to be imported into the application
  2. Post the order form with updated details
  3. Download the updated licenses 
    Once the above steps are completed the new or changed licenses are available for download inside the SuperOffice Analyze installation.
    Log in and update the licenses locally.


 General discussion / support forum for SuperOffice Analyze


Good luck analyzing!