Switch to New Business Analyze from your on-premise solution

  • Posted on: 12 October 2018
  • By: cynthia@busines...

Hi customers!

If you have Business Analyze for SuperOffice on-premise, we're happy to tell you that we have a new cloud-based solution that offers you many additional advantages.

You will still recognize the same familiar user interface, but behind the scenes there is a  new cutting-edge cloud platform and several new pre-built reports and tools.

The key benefits include:

  • Less maintanance - hosting, servers, back-up, etc. is included with new SaaS model
  • new set of GDPR dasbhoards and sales scoreboards
  • Greater agility -  try new things on-the-fly before rolling out to your organisation
  • More ++ 

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A fast-growing number of customer have already swiitched to this solution. We are sure you will also find it a big advantage compared to your current on-premise solution.

You can try it out without changing your current set-up. This new solution works with both SuperOffice on-premise and online. There is no risk or downside - only a significant upside.

Give us a signal you would like to try it or get more information, and we will set you up.

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