Dashboard view

When you select a dashboard from the menu it will load and all visualizations will be displayed one after another. Each visualization is displayed as a separate card with a few handy features.

Tapping on a chart or gauge will display a small tooltip containing a little more details about the values.

All visualizations also have a few buttons in the bottom. Tapping “Details” will display the detailed view for that visualization. Tapping the chat bubble will display the comment page. If there are new comments, this icon will be red.

To the right og the title, there are two icons.
- Tap the bell to see notifications you have recieved. Read more about notifications
- Tap the menu icon (three dots) to open the dashboard menu. Here you can set the current dashboard as startup, so the next time you start the app it will start on this dashboard.



If you open the detailed view (or the comments view) you’ll see a small menu strip at the top of the page that allows you to quickly switch back and forth between the visualization and the comments.

Here you will find the same visualization as on the previous screen.

In the top right corner you'll find two icons: one for refreshing the visualisation and one for selecting parameters. See details about parameters below.

Beneath the heading you see a summary of all parameters that are set for the visualisation. If there a many option selected for a parameter, you'll see a plus sign and a number (i.e. + 5 more). Tap this text to see what those 5 options are.

Floating in the bottom right corner there is an add button. Tapping it will open a dialog where you can register a new comment. See details about comments below.

Tip: If the chart has a legend, you can tap the legend text to turn of those values off in the chart.



In the top right corder you'll find a icon that will open the parameter menu. Here you can see what the parameters are set to and you can change and select new. Active parameters also has a colored background so you can easily see them.

The number in the parenthesis behind the name indicate how many options that are selected for that parameter.

Change parameters

Tap the parameter you want to change or set. Select one or more options and tap OK.
You can also search for an option by tapping the searchfield and start to write.

Tap OK again to reload the visualisation with the parameters you selected.



On the comments page you can see all comments added to the visualization – well, only the one that you created or are a participant. The newest and most recently comments are at the top, pushing the old and inactive comments down. Each comment is displayed as a card and contains usefull information such as who posted it, extract of the comment, who is participating, follow-up date etc. The chat bubble and numer on the right side tells how many replies there are on the comment. The icon is red if there are new and unread replies.

Add a new comment

Tapping the add icon here will allow to post a new comment.

When creating a new comment you must assign some participants. Only participants can read and reply to your comment. You can add users and groups (groups from Business Analyze). You can also set follow-up details and attach the visualization, which will store a snapshot of the visualization.

Replies and editing the comments

Tapping a comment card will display the comment and all the replies.

The original comment is on the top and all the replies follows beneath, sorted by the most recent on top.

Notice the three dots on some of the cards? Tapping that icon allows you to edit or delete the comment. Only the person that posted the comment can edit it. The person who posted the original post can change the follow-up details and the attached visualization.

Tapping the floating add icon will open a dialog so you can add a reply.


View all comments

In the main menu you'll find a link to a page wich will list all comment threads you are a part of.

The number on the right side is the number of replies. If the icon is red, there are new replies for you to check out.

You can sort the list by using the options at the top of the page.

View all follow-ups

In the main menu you can also find a link to a page that list all comments that you must follow-up. 

The number on the right tells you how many comments there are in that particular list.

Tap on the list to display the comments. From there you can tap the comment and you’ll be taken to the comment thread and the visualization.

You can sort the list by using the options at the top of the page.