Business Analyze release note - Oct 2020

  • Posted on: 13 October 2020
  • By: Terje

Business Analyze improvements

We have made these improvements to the online solution:

  • Improved the speed of drilldowns.
  • New/updates providers: Advisor and Tripletex
  • Fixed a bug where grouping on date sometimes wasn’t possible.
  • Fixed a bug where creating two dashboards with the same name in same desktop wasn’t possible.
  • Fixed a bug where names on dashboards could be blank.
  • Fixed a bug where adding desktop access to users wasn’t possible.
  • Fixed a bug where reset password mails was stopped by various spam filters. (this can still occur but not as often.)
  • Fixed a bug where export to Excel converted to wrong format.
  • Fixed a bug where datetime2 could break some dashboards.


Mobile Improvements

We have also made some improvements to the mobile app.

  • Speed drastically improved by implementing Lazy Loading.
  • Elements on a dashboard are now order alphabetically.
  • Fixed a bug where the pivoted and stacked chart didn’t work


SuperOffice Package Improvements

For those of you that uses the SuperOffice Package, we have these improvements:

  • Added support for maps in all relevant datasets.
  • Fixed a bug where appointment URL (owl link) didn’t open up the correct appointment
  • Fixed a bug where quote was returning more then 1 value in dsale.
  • Fixed a bug where dSaleBudget didn’t check the variable for inactive elements
  • Fixed a bug where dCSServiceDetails didn’t show unassigned tasks.