Installation guide CFO dashboard

  1. Contact to order a Business Analyze instance.
  2. Business Analyze will send an order to KeyForce with this information:
    • Customer Name
    • Contact Person(s)
  3. When KeyForce has completed the implementation they will send Business Analyze information required to configurate the connection.
    • URL
    • Connection Key
    • Subscription Key
  4. Grant access to ERP license for the customer
  5. Download and install the lastest version of CFO dashboards.
    Configure it like this:

  6. Change Webservice Timeout on "Analyze PRO Datacache" and "Business Analyze ERP" to 3600 (DataSource timeout)
  7. Make sure the Time Zone is correct for all datasources.
  8. Configure Business Analyze ERP DataSource like this:
    API URL = As provided by KeyForce
    KAS_CONNECTION_KEY = As provided by KeyForce
    KAS_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY = As provided by KeyForce
  9. 01_cCompany_Cache in "Business Analyze ERP"

    NB!  Verify that you only had 1 insert and that it is the correct company.
    NB! Make sure that the first 7 fields have data. (value 0 is ok for AccountPeriodStartOffset)

  10. Groups are created during package installation. Verify that these are OK.
    usERPUsersync is made as an alternative to create users and groups, if you want to use this the users must exist in the ERP system.

    If you have a user that is going to be budgetresponsible while others should not have access you should generate groups according to this.

    Users will be created with DepartmentID(AvdelingsID) in reference field 4 and AnsattID(EmployeID) in reference field 5.
    If you configure this to [ALL] the user will se all data from all departments and employe
    Referance field 6 is language, NO = Norwegian, US = English.
    Your configuration in the variable "Erp_access_mode" will now restrict users access based on AvdelingsID and EmployeID

  11. Verify the remaining of variables together with the customer.
  12. Input Module --> Im_default_db 
    Change this to Analyze Pro DataCache as default.
  13. Decide wich desktop and dashboard users and groups should have access to.
    default groups have access to default desktops according to the group name.
    NB! No users should have access to "Package Transfer", its used by the system.
  14. Grant access to 3 schemas (input module)
    General Ledger Element
    General Ledger Report
    General Ledger Report Line
    Grant access to System Admin group + individual persons.
  15. Configure start of dataimport in 01_Account_Cache with the customer. (Does the customer have other tasks running on their server on spesific times)
    It should be configured to start after 00:00 and before 05:00 to get new data, the import fetches data until "yesterday".
  16. Go trough budget configuration with the 3 IM-schemas and configuration of desktops.