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How to: Scroll Table with Fixed Table Header and Footer

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Just a few lines of JavaScript in the Dashboard Properties section will implement a scroll table with fixed header and footer.

Here is how you do it:

In the Element Container Properties --> Advanced tab of the scroll table, find the #elContainer Id.  If needed substitute the #elContainer Id in the JavaScript below

The JavaScript should be placed in the Dashboard Properties --> Scripts (JS) included in page body section

JavaScript to be included:

Advanced chart configuration overrides

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Most charts and gauges in AnalyzePRO is built on Highcharts chart library.

In addition to dialog settings and advanced algorithms inside the AnalyzePRO there can be situations where you find yourself caught in a situation where you just need to hard-code a setting inside the chart API.

From AnalyzePRO version 5.3.1 we provide a "hard-core" override system based on highchart's own API object structure:

How to create headings in a dashboard

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Hi developers.

I often find it usefull to create my own headings in a dasboard. In this post I will explain what I have found to be the best way to do this.

First off you should create a couple of CSS classes to define the look of the heading.
- Right-click on any dashboard element and choose "Edit dashboard properties".
- Go to the "Advanced" tab.

- In the top most textarea labeled "Styling Rules (CSS)" enter the following: