How to manipulate text and values in a column using scripting

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Sometimes it you'll want to change how the text or values are displayed in a table column. You can do some modifications straight in our dialogs, but by creating a small script you can do even more.
When editing a column in the editor, navigate to the expression tab. Here you can write your own custom code to do all sorts of great stuff.

Here is the basic script you need:

Advanced chart configuration overrides

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Most charts and gauges in AnalyzePRO is built on Highcharts chart library.

In addition to dialog settings and advanced algorithms inside the AnalyzePRO there can be situations where you find yourself caught in a situation where you just need to hard-code a setting inside the chart API.

From AnalyzePRO version 5.3.1 we provide a "hard-core" override system based on highchart's own API object structure:

Guru Tools


Guru Tools is a set of programming extentions for dashboard professionals. It contains features that are currently not yet available in the platform white paper.

Every new platform release will contain an updated version of the toolkit but Guru Tools will be maintained aside platform releases as well.
New features will be implemented in this toolkit at nice-to-have basis.