Changing the Millions\Thousands label on the Guage Element

Hi All,

I have added a gauge to a Dashboard, which on most screens look fine.



However when opening the dashboard up from within SuperOffice on smaller screens the Millions\Thousands label covers the numbers around the gauge.  I have been asked if this label can be re-positioned in any way.  May be with CSS or something.

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How to create headings in a dashboard

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Hi developers.

I often find it usefull to create my own headings in a dasboard. In this post I will explain what I have found to be the best way to do this.

First off you should create a couple of CSS classes to define the look of the heading.
- Right-click on any dashboard element and choose "Edit dashboard properties".
- Go to the "Advanced" tab.

- In the top most textarea labeled "Styling Rules (CSS)" enter the following: