Post setup list

After you have installed the product using the windows setup installer, there are some tasks you should go through to get the best user experience.

Importing licences

In the system administration you can see what licences you got. You should check this page to control that you have all the licences you need.

Go to:
System Administration -> System -> Import
Click "Update licence" if needed.


Enabling system log dashboards

If you want to enable the system log dashboards then you need to install the Analyze PRO System Dashboards.

This package enable two elements in the system administration.  License by user dashboard under License.

And Logs dashboard under System.



Adding users and assign them licences

You should now add users and assign them into groups, give them access to dashboards and licences.


Establishing single sign-on 

For establish signle sign on support you need to change following.

Edit your web.config (found in root of the virtual directory) file and change the key:

<add key="fw_singlesignon" value="true" />


Change the section:

<authentication mode="Windows">
<forms protection="All" timeout="30" loginUrl="login.aspx" name="BA" path="/" />
Verify that the IIS installation only uses Windows Authentication on the virtual directory:


Verify installation works from all places

Login to the system and verifiy the installation works from the server address.
Check also that the system works from a client workstation within the same domain.
Verify that dashboards/desktops installed are working.